My name is Knut Wikstrand. My interest in photo started more than 50 years ago. I started with black and white in my own darkroom, also worked with graphics and color images (Cibachrome). Eventually, a long period of video footage followed before I switched  to the digital photo world in 2010.

I take all kinds of pictures, but most of the pictures have been taken on my travels with my wife around the world. Traveling and experiencing other cultures gives inspiration to the photo interest, while at the same time increasing understanding of our versatile world. I’m trying to capture the moment, either taking photos of architecture, animals or people. Over time, I think I have developed a look for a good motive.

I have been in more places than it appears from the website, but I do not have digital photos from that time. I have a lot of video footage, but have not had time to edit short versions yet.

I live in Bodo (Bodø) above the arctic circle in Norway as you can see from the map. But I come from the northeasternest place in Norway, Kirkenes, bordering on Russia. I am now retired, and my professional background is a dentist specialized in Community Dentistry.

The main purpose of my photosite is primarily to have an arena to showcase my photos. If someone would be interested in buying pictures, they can reach me via my contact page.

Here we live